Product line

Self-lubricating starter motor bushings, structurally porous. The amount of porous is controlled during manufacturing.

Self-lubricating automotive bushings

Parts manufactured with powder metallurgy with several applications.

Sintered self-lubricating bushings and structural parts

Parts with high machinability performance, they are the most simple and economic way to support moving parts.

Semi-finished billets and bushings

Brake discs, clutches and transmissions for tractors, heavy machinery and drag cars.

Brake disc and clutch

Manufactured with the best sintering technology. You will only stop moving when you want it.

Metal Ceramic brake pads

One of the most modern factories in Brazil for the industrialization of metals, involving it in metal powder.

Metal Powder

MOLDMIX is present in several markets such as: Agricultural, Automotive, Railway, Domestic Appliances, Machinery, etc.

Pioneer in the manufacture of several products in this area, MOLDMIX was born from the ideals of Creativity, Organization, Honest Work, Quality and Respect for suppliers, customers and employees. We offer the safety and performance that only original products can guarantee.

Always ahead of its time, we use what is most modern on the market, guaranteeing Efficiency, Safety and Comfort to our customers since 1963.


Motor Bike Expo 2024

Ready to speed along with Jeh Stunt at the 2024 World Championships in Verona, Italy? The championship takes place during the Motor Bike Expo.... [leia]

Wheeling World Champion is Moldmix!

In a competition full of adrenaline and exceptional skills, renowned wheeler, Jefferson Matheus, solidified his position as the 2023 undisputed world champion.... [leia]

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"Ethics, Excellence, Integrity, Innovation, Valuing employees, customers and suppliers, Reliability and Credibility."


Social Responsability

We have a modern effluent station that treats the water used in the production process, returning water free of heavy metals to the environment.

Valores da Moldmix
ISO 9001:2015

Quality Policy

"Meeting the need of our employees, promoting customer satisfaction through effective quality system that ensures reliability and satisfactory performance of products and services provided by Moldmix and continuous improvement of its products and processes."
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